Pause and Reboot

Here we are, the last day of June. I blogged all of April and now all of June. Overall, it’s been a very satisfying experience.

What’s next for me? Well, I have a new project in mind, something that will use the blog as a platform… to share original music. In format, it will be a lot like my daily blog projects, yet the difference will be that it will be focusing on sharing original music, allowing my renaissance man self in all its variety to come through.

I am still fleshing out some details about that. Also, I have some technical issues to deal with my computer, and probably will be buying a new one. Therefore, I am going to give myself some time to sort those things out.

I will launch the new creative project as soon as I am ready, probably within the next few weeks.

Until then, take care. Keep rocking it.

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