The Happy Mind (Poem)

There is a saying I heard a long time ago:

“The mind can be a dangerous place to go alone.”

And yes, this can definitely be true… when your mind is in a funk.

But when your mind is happy and clear… that is another thing entirely!

Life becomes a joy to experience.

I wrote a poem about it:

"The Happy Mind"

The happy mind with thoughts so clear
Rejoicing in a life held dear
Allows contentment in the now
No worry needed here somehow

Taking in this moment's ease
To see the light upon the trees
To feel the wind upon your face
Connected to the human race

An effortless and easy road
Free of any heavy load
No pressure that you must achieve
When all is wonder to receive

No longer rushing to the end
The day becomes your greatest friend
When all the rest you leave behind
A gift to have a happy mind!


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