Thank God for the Artist (original poem)

Ok, let me collect my thoughts,
I'll connect the dots, bang on these expressive pots
Bang! Clang! Causing poetical noise
Throwing these words together, I'm playing with toys
Let's see what happens if I use this moment
What creativity can I foment?
What trouble can I cause with these lines?
Exercising freedom of mind, randomly waving signs
Randomly riding waves, the expression that saves,
This is why the Neanderthal left the caves
The allure of expression that is always here
What do I see? Let me tell you, dear
How do I feel? I'll show through my art
Can a verse have a beating heart?
I don't know, but I'm still banging on drums,
Isn't this why we have opposable thumbs?
Isn't this why we have artistic natures?
Living gives rise to nomenclatures
Since we want to name how it feels 
to be alive, expression reveals
A universal truth in the individual's song
That's why others sing along
That's why others take notice
The artist speaks truth, we all know this
We feel connected, part of a bigger whole
Thank God for the Artist, for that is our role!
We use our art to remind others
What bonds us, we are sisters and brothers,
And fathers and mothers, in emotional union,
In Art all of civilization finds communion.

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