Day 167: Attracting “Having” Versus “Lacking”

I write a lot on this blog about thoughts. As I continue exploring this topic, I am realizing more and more how completely our life is a reflection of, nay, the product of our thoughts (!). It’s like we play the movie in our minds, and then our lives ultimately reflect that.”You become what you think about” is a phrase I have often heard in Law of Attraction circles, places like “The Secret” and “Think and Grow Rich.”

The trick is to think about a wanted subject without actually activating its opposite. After all, every subject really is two subjects, wanted or unwanted. You can be focused on the presence of something, or, whether you realize it or not, its absence. After all, how many people push away money with their very thoughts about it? If they are attracting “NOT money,” doesn’t it make sense they must be thinking NOT money? People get what they predominantly think about, but every side of the coin has its opposite. Because just as there is “rich,” there is equally its opposite, “not rich.” If this duality were not true, then everyone who ever thought about money would be rich!

The biggest dualities in our world–that is, topics where people vary the most in terms of “having” versus “not having”–are probably these:

  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Health

Go to any personal empowerment workshop or any life coach and they will probably agree that these three things top the list of areas people care about. To be more specific, these are the big three that many people experience blockages to having what they want. Many people have what they don’t want in one or more of these areas. That is, people struggle with wanting relationships they don’t have, wanting money they don’t have, and/or wanting health they don’t have. The more people care about a topic, the more possibility that topic will be bogged down by doubt and thoughts of lack. And if this is the case, people are more likely to experience NOT having something than having it.

Personally, I feel really good in the area of health, and in the area of athletics specifically. I feel confident and capable in this area. I have a lot of good memories both from childhood and as an adult in this area. My default in this area is to feel empowered. I achieve the state of “happily athletic” as a regular life experience. Even over the past few weeks, in which I haven’t been running–my major source of exercise for many years–I have been swimming, riding on the bike machine, as well as seeing both a chiropractor and a physical therapist to heal myself and get back running better than ever. Overall, for many years now there has been very little interruption or exception to my positive exercise of my exercise life.

Vibrationally speaking, regarding Exercise, I’m largely on the “having” side of the equation. As in, I mostly experience what I want. Obviously this is not true for everyone. And I have definitely had my bouts of negative focus in other areas. We all have. If you are focused on the having of something, you probably are experiencing it. If you are focused on the lack of something, you probably are experiencing that instead.

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