Day 162: Getting What You Want (Personal Case Study)

We know what we want because life experience causes us to know what we don’t want, which therefore helps us know what we DO want. And so the key is to focus our thoughts into harmony with what we want, until our thoughts and beliefs coincide with what we want, therefore attracting it to us.

Yeah, simple, right? Ha.

Since I have been thinking a lot about my running life recently, I’ll use that area as a way to try this idea out.

Now that I am on the other side of my marathon training experience, I know more than ever what I don’t want. Recent experience has been a great teacher.

What I don’t want:

  • To sign up for something (like a marathon, for example) I don’t end up doing 🙂
  • To sign up for or agree to anything that I’m not a hell Yes for!
  • Having pain when I run or exercise
  • Feeling stressed out about an upcoming events (whether runs, performances, gigs, etc)
  • To ignore myself, to be out of harmony with myself, both physically and emotionally.

So these in turn show me what I do want.

What I do want:

  • To sign up for and agree to things that I am totally behind. A total Hell Yes!
  • Enjoy myself and feel good when I exercise
  • Feeling overjoyed excited before upcoming events
  • To be in harmony with myself both physically, emotionally, mentally, vibrationally.

Now onto manifesting. This has to do with where I am at right now in my thoughts/beliefs/expectations/attitude in this area. Let’s “look under the hood”:

When I think of my exercise life and physical well-being, my thoughts are, “Wow, what an experience I just went through. I learned a ton, I had a few misfires, I had to change some plans. It was quite uncomfortable at times. But it was also quite amazing at times! Overall, it was quite worthwhile, and I know more now about how to take care of myself. I am excited by the possibilities of truly finding a good balance going forward. My eyes are open, and I am eager to have a great experience in this area.”

Mood: enthused, open, aware, eager, appreciative.

Based on how positive my attitude in this area is, I’d say it would appear that at this point I am in alignment with what I want. To be fair, I only got to this place of clarity and empowerment since deciding not to do CIM. This was also when I opened up to getting help to heal my injuries. Either way, there is a match with my desires and my expectations. Once I surrendered my attachments, things got a lot easier. That’s important. When you believe you can have what you want, then you are on track to get it!

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