Day 156: I Blog, Therefore I Am

In the back of my mind somewhere I have always wondered, what is this blog really about? On the obvious level, the answer has always been it’s not about anything. After all, there’s no one topic. It’s not about creativity, money, running, Law of Attraction, or personal growth. Sure, I do write about all those topics. They make up a significant portion of the “content” of this blog. But this blog is not about its content really at all.

As I wrote a little awhile ago, it’s really about the process. Yet there’s more to that. I think the deeper “why” for this blog is that it’s about expression. Here is where I get to show up day after day saying “Here I am! I’m going to share my thoughts.” I can’t always say whether it’s valuable for others to read, yet there’s inherent value for me in expressing myself. It’s always satisfying to essentially show up on the page: “Yes, I exist. I shall make myself known through my words.”

I blog, therefore I am 🙂

There’s something about being free to communicate that has always been important to me. I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t or didn’t feel I was able to do so, and it always sucked. I always hated it. You could compare this blog to a friend who is always available for me and who doesn’t mind me talking about whatever I want. Here I am always free to communicate my thoughts. Since I’m always having new experiences, there are always new thoughts to communicate.

So my blog says to me, “Hey Chris, how are you doing today? What’s on your mind?”

And then I say, “Well, let me tell you about…”

And so we have Blog!

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