Day 145: Today’s “Run to Feed the Hungry” 5k

This morning I ran the “Run to Feed the Hungry,” a local family run here in Sacramento that literally attracts tens of thousands of runners. There are both 5k and 10k options– I did the 5k. I ran the event virtually in 2020 and 2021, but this was the first time doing the event in person. This was also my first time doing a 5k in a public event.

To say I had fun is the truth, yet it was more than that. Since time is of the essence and we are about to leave to go to SF for Thanksgiving dinner, I will make a list 🙂

Things I loved about today’s run:

  • I loved doing 5k distance. It is a welcome relief from the intricate planning and pacing that goes into long runs. I didn’t have to plan fuel or hydration or worry about how fast I ran. I could basically just show up!
  • I loved going fast! Especially since my 26 miler last month, I have prioritized “slow and steady” on general principle and because I have been recovering from long runs. It was nice to just let go.
  • I was so grateful and appreciative to feel good! The last few weeks have been a bit nerve-wracking due to concerns about recovery in time for CIM. I had run only one other day in the past week, and today was the shot in the arm I needed 🙂
  • It was great to be in a fun, family-oriented event that is super light and super easy, compared to the rigor of the marathon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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