Day 105: A Weekend Run of Firsts

Yesterday I ran a highly successful marathon-distance training run.

It is a day and a half later, and I am quite tired, but all in all, I am thrilled by how well yesterday’s run went.

There are numerous firsts I accomplished yesterday, namely:

  • First time I’ve run 26 miles for a training run
  • First time I ran well over four hours (In fact, I did 4:46)
  • First time I used a 3:1 ratio of running to walking in a long run: 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking.
  • First time I listened to music while running in years (can you believe that?!)
  • First time I could honestly say “That wasn’t so hard” for the marathon distance (Note: I am not saying it was easy! I’m just saying, I found it quite doable… helped by running 11-minute miles and doing walk breaks throughout)
  • First time I have felt relatively normal after running a marathon. So far, I feel about how felt after 16-20 mile training runs.

In addition to these cool firsts, I also did a yoga class this morning and was surprised at how doable it was. In fact, I found it quite enjoyable. Also, I have drunk plenty in the last two days, but I am a bit surprised that I haven’t been as ravenous as I expected. It almost seems like I ate more after my 23-miler three weekends ago.

Yeah baby!

Great job, Chris. You thrived, you succeeded, you achieved your expectations because you were completely in alignment with your goals, completely ready to “realize” them. This is the power of creation when you are in alignment to manifest.

Woo hoo!

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