Day 131: Daily Digital Bread Crumbs

Sometimes I love what I post on this blog. Other times I just want to get a post done. Sometimes I love putting the words together, carefully editing them and articulating them just the way I want. Other times I share a composition instead of having to think up a post, or do a quick inner-monologue post (conversation with my “Higher Self”) that basically writes itself.

Either way, I’m finding a way to make the daily blog post thing work with my life now, even with the rather extreme daily shifts in energy that come with marathon training. I have managed to leave daily digital bread crumbs for over 1/3 of a year, in a variety of offerings from music compositions to overviews of my latest runs. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve realized this blog is more about the process of writing a blog than about the content. Each post is a daily snapshot of what’s on my mind to write about that day.

Does this make for a better blog, or a worse blog? A better read, or a worse read?

You tell me. I really have no idea.

At any rate, here’s another daily digital bread crumb.

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