Day 22: Resistance Does Not Indicate Unworthiness

(Note: I wrote the draft of this post earlier this week. Since I’m in marathon training, doing progressively longer weekend runs that are both physically and mentally taxing, I might turn to this strategy for the days immediately following those runs).

Part A: Resistance Does Not Indicate Unworthiness

I have thought a lot about the topic of resistance as explained by Abraham-Hicks (and I wrote about it here.). I am realizing recently how judgmental I have been with myself in the past during times where I was feeling resistant. I judged myself harshly, and made up stories about how I wasn’t worthy of what I wanted… as it turns out, simply because I was afraid, doubtful, or otherwise resistant.

Recently I had an insight. I realized that resistance does NOT mean unworthiness. You and I may be resistant at times. But it has nothing to do with our worthiness. In fact, what the heck is worthiness? Does it even exist? I mean on a soul level? We are all worthy!

Truthfully, a more accurate way of saying it is NOT “resistance means your unworthy.” More like “Resistance means you are not allowing what you want.” That I think is a fair assessment. The whole worthiness thing gets into a value judgment. And that’s not how I believe the Universe works. Sometimes we might be resistant to what we want. This doesn’t mean anything about our worthiness, it just means that we are not in in this moment allowing something we want.

From now on, whenever I am experiencing some resistance, I will tell myself, “This is just resistance. It may mean I’m blocking something I want, and surely I wish to shift that. But it does not make me unworthy! That’s not how it works! Resistance does not indicate unworthiness!”

🙂 And it shall be a happy day in Chris’s brain!

Part B: Through All of Life’s Vicissitudes, Worthiness Never Changes

Yesterday when I was running (a 13 miler on the beautiful American River Trail), a story occurred to me:

Imagine a man (or a woman if you prefer) who lives through life. He begins as a baby, grows into a boy, then a teenager, then an adult, than a middle-aged adult, then an elder, then… onto the next realm! This is his life. The entire enchilada, the roller coaster, with all its ups and downs. Sometimes things go his way so he feels amazing and successful and worthy. Other times they don’t, and he feels unsuccessful and like a failure. Sometimes the people around him are great to him, and he feels totally loved and appreciated. Sometimes those people are not, and he feels disliked, rejected, or unfairly disapproved of. His experience as he goes through all these changes, all these vicissitudes, this is his life. And then eventually, his life comes to an end.

So the question is, through all those ups and downs, through all those moments of feeling good or feeling bad, feeling worthy or feeling unworthy, did his worth as a SOUL ever change? Did his worthiness to find and create a life he loves ever change? Did he ever lose his worthiness of being happy? No matter what life handed to him–and it continued to hand him change after change after change–did it ever invalidate or lessen his worthiness?


Well, that’s how it works. No matter how you feel-fantastic, inspired, great, horrible, rotten, resistant–nothing ever changes your right to aim for joy and well-being, your right to strive to be happy. Your worth is never in question! 🙂

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