Day 239: Resistance-Free Me

My happiness obsession has brought me the Abraham-Hicks material, which I consume like mental food pretty much every single day, both from YouTube videos and recently from reading and re-reading passages from the book “Ask and it is Given.” One of the ideas they talk about incessantly is the notion of how our resistance plays a part in depriving us of the things we want in our lives. Abraham encourages us to sooth resistance and letting it go, and instead focus our thoughts on what feels good, and therefore allows good experiences to come to us.

Resistance is thought that contradicts what we desire. It is wanting something but then thinking that you can’t have it or that it has to be hard or that you aren’t good enough etc. Other words for resistance might be self-sabotage, contradiction, or what Joe Vitale in his Secret Mirror program calls “counter-intentions. ” It’s the ideas, complaints, opinions or beliefs that work against the things we say we want.

These days, I am doing all I can to get into a resistance-free place by continually doing enjoyable, easy-going activities. It should come as no surprise what these things are, because I write about them all the time on this blog: running, eating, certain money topics, working out these Law of Attraction topics. Other activities that tend to work include watching movies, reading books, being creative, hanging out with friends or family, going to my Improv Comedy classes, or walking in nature.

I am especially enjoying my primary writing activities–writing for this blog and writing at the cafe. While doing these things, I am able to be resistant-free, or at least get there with reliable frequency. I love that I am able to come up with a post every day which I think meets the minimum criteria of constructive thinking and positivity. As I have written before, I feel like as part of my duty of “showing up to work” each day, I wish to writing something that comes from an empowered state. I do my best to make this happen here. 🙂

Similarly, when I’m at the cafe, I am able to really bask in the joy of calm and ease. I get to sit in an environment that is completely removed from my daily life (other than being there for that purpose), and this allows me to open up to new insights and inspired thoughts. This is the resistance-free mode.

Often, in my daily life, there are plenty of things that I still let bother me. 🙁 Things that I let stress me out. That is resistance! I am becoming extremely aware of those times, and it makes me even more appreciative of the things I do where I am calm, peaceful, and resistance-free.

I will have more of that, thank you very much!

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