Day 15: Using my great focus for good

So I am a GREAT FOCUSER. And when I use this power well, it is amazing what I can accomplish. I can run marathons, adopt Intermittent Fasting to lose (and keep off) 30 pounds, take care of our finances, read big books, write great music… you name it!

At the same time, as it happens, my same power of focus has, um… occasionally, shall we say, backfired a bit, too. Lol. With great power comes great responsibility. Er, I mean, with my great power to focus, it also happens that I have some old habits that do not serve me and that… seem… really… tough… to get rid of!

One such habit is the habit of being really hard on myself. This is something I learned in childhood. This can be relentless. These days, I will sometimes catch it, and rather than beat myself up MORE about it (You know: “Dang it, Chris, why are you beating yourself up? You’re so dumb!”), I will stop, and pause, maybe do a little meditation and just get present. Then I will say to myself, “I AM WHERE I AM. AND IT IS ALRIGHT.” Rather than getting frustrated, I will remind myself that it is just an old habit, and though it may not instantly go away, it will sooner or later. Right now, at least I’m choosing to chill and let it be rather than adding to the mess.

Believe it or not, this feels like a really positive step. It is empowering to think that since I was the one who created my habits of thought, I can create new habits to replace the old sucky ones.

I am a great focuser, and I choose to use my focus for good 🙂

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