I Decided to Be Happy

As I sit at my computer table/breakfast table/teaching station, it is almost 9pm on December 30th, 2020. There are barely 27 hours left in the year, and 2020 will be a memory.

My, what a memory. I do not even need to tell you, since you have your unique experience. Yet I think it is fair to say that everyone alive has had an experience with this year that they will not soon forget.

It is quite possible that 2020 has been the most memorable, the most eventful, the most challenging (?) year for humanity as a whole… at least in recent memory.

For me personally, it has been a most beautiful year. Perhaps I adapt easily to the sheltered-in-place lifestyle. Perhaps I’m fortunate to have things in play personally that I have continued to enjoy. Perhaps I’m getting good at unconditional alignment. 2020 has shown me that I get to create my own weather.

Honestly, I felt I had to. The whole dang world was in upheaval. What was I to do, sit around and suffer? No thanks. Been there, done that! Instead of letting Chicken Little get his way, I decided to take charge of thing, to direct my experience.

I decided to be Happy 🙂

And that is, by and large, how I have spent this year.

Lastly, that is what I wish for you, in the new year and beyond.

Happy (Almost) New Year!

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