The North Star of Happiness Beckons

Earlier this year I wrote about my intention not to do things that suck :). My “No More Suckiness” Philosophy resulted from life experiences that really sucked. After all the confusion, lack of clarity, and unhappiness created by not checking in with how things felt for me, the “No More Suckiness” commitment is a comical way of describing a true passion of mine: to be in alignment in all that I do and am!

In fact, one reason I am such an avid writer (both on this blog and in my personal journaling) is that writing is a great way to sort through the mental crap and keep my focus on Happiness, that personal North Star that appears in the distance whenever I take the time to look.

I never take my happiness for granted. Happiness should be the most obvious thing, an absolutely non-negotiable thing! Yet being truly happy requires grit and determination, it requires honesty and courage, it requires always being aware of your own mental programming and only choosing those thoughts and actions which serve you.

I see myself making much progress in these areas. But I also see that I’m still a bit guarded, still a bit reserved, still… watchful.

Am I worried about stepping back into suckiness? Perhaps.

I am enormously appreciative of what I now know. Yet like the alcoholic who is celebrating his five year sobriety chip, I never take my well-being for granted.

The shadow of that unhappy person mired in suckiness still lurks in the back of my thoughts.

Yet that North Star of Happiness also shines powerfully, beckoning me.

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