Eventually Water Always Wins Out

This worked last week, so I’m gonna try it again.

Here’s a quote from “The Vortex,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking–it is only the beliefs that you hold that keep you from the things that you want.

The Vortex, p221


I have heard Abraham say this many, many times. I love the idea of changing my beliefs to allow things I want. I admit, sometimes I still have a “belief” that it can be difficult to change beliefs :(.

To me, it’s kind of like the idea of using rain water to make a hole in rock: I know it can happen eventually, yet I’m sure it’s gonna take a lot of repeated occurrences over a lot of time. In other words, I personally can see that my own beliefs–which are just thoughts that I keep thinking, again and again and again for years!–have a lot of momentum going for them. I’ve been thinking them for a long time.

I definitely have seen shifts in my beliefs,* yet I also see how stubborn beliefs can be to change. Hearing that my beliefs are just thoughts I keep thinking can be a bit hard to understand, difficult to fully appreciate. Kind of like believing in the power of water on rock.

Nonetheless, I’m an optimist! So I keep splashing those drops.

Eventually, water always wins out. Slow and steady wins the race.

And so I create new beliefs–that is, new thoughts that will one day become as solid for me as stone, just as those old beliefs were.

The only difference being that these new beliefs shall be uplifting!

*For instance, I think I’m just a lot more easy-going these days. I am shifting my mindset about life from heavy and serious thoughts to more light-hearted and positive ones. I see my attitude shifting, an attitude backed by new beliefs that support joy and well-being, instead of the lack of those things.

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