You Cannot Criticize Yourself to Success

This is from “The Vortex,” a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

Whenever you criticize, or push against, anything, you hold yourself outside of your Vortex. Flawed premises hold people outside of their Vortices of abundance and prevent them from the ease and Well-Being that they deserve. You cannot “criticize yourself ” to success. You cannot “condemn yourself” to Well-Being. The negative emotion you feel , in your disappointment, anger, and condemnation, is the indication of the opposing thoughts within you. You are opposing your success. You are opposing your abundance. You are opposing your alignment with Source. You are opposing the Vortex that holds all that you seek.

The Vortex, p187


What this quote means to me is that you can’t be happy if you are criticizing or being judgmental. That includes with yourself! Being critical is inherently misaligned; that is, it is out of whack. It doesn’t feel good! So if you are being judgmental of yourself or of anything else or anyone else, you are out of whack!

So if you want to feel good, if you want to attract abundance, if you want to attract success, if you want to attract good things… think positive thoughts about yourself and others. Appreciate rather than criticize.

On a side note, I probably needed to read this tonight. I think I have been thinking thoughts that oppose my own alignment. This is a great reminder to just chill, and find thoughts that are more pleasant.

Sometimes by just NOT doing the things that make us upset or out of whack, we allow our own Well-Being to be restored 🙂

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