Reaching for Satisfaction: Rock-Throwing Edition

I’m always reaching for satisfaction. If you check your own thoughts for how they feel, you can really start to tell when they are on point … or not. I am much better at this nowadays. I remember a few years ago, inspired by Abraham-Hicks I would go on runs and I would repeat the words, “It’s my dominant intent to reach for thoughts that feel good!” I loved the idea, but the idea was so new to me that it still seemed rather conceptual. It took awhile for it to take root.

Now I think, “Of course it is!”

It’s like in “Think and Grow Rich,” there’s a process in there of repeating statements over and over until it lodges deep in your subconscious.

That is excellent, Chris. And great job in “allowing” me to talk on this blog. Why did you want me to?

Well, I have been thinking about the “Higher Self” posts, truthfully, I admit I’m a bit… er… uncomfortable with them. I sort of don’t want people to think I’m weird :(.

Sorry, I’m just a flawed human being who hasn’t fully given up thinking he’ll be happier if he has other people’s approval. I guess I imagine that it’s weird to talk to my “Higher Self,” even though I do it all the time in my journals.

Thank you for the honesty! Clearly, if you really only wanted other people’s approval, you would not take the risk by writing this!

True. I am putting myself on blast, “throwing rocks at myself,” as I wrote the other day. That’s probably why I decided to have this conversation with you.

I often pretend to myself that I’m “normal” or something. It’s never very satisfying, but maybe there’s a comfort zone in going under the radar. No… there is a comfort zone in going under the radar. I have been doing it to some degree at least since high school.

It’s doesn’t make me look good to admit it, but it feels true. There can be relief in honesty.

Indeed there can be. And there is power in it. You are “flying your freak” flag, showing the world your “skills.”

You mean by talking to you? By addressing this issue? Yes, I suppose this is a sort of skill. The skill of falling on my sword. Personal confession. Telling on myself.

Throwing rocks at myself. That’s what it feels like sometimes, putting myself through the discomfort of radical truth-telling on this blog.

Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Today is Election Day 🙂

Would you like to talk about that?

Not really. Haha. But lots of people are going crazy over it. I’m not one of them. I’ve been happily doing my own thing for years now, and that is what I plan to do no matter the results of this or any election.

Because I’m reaching for satisfaction!

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