Day 61: Reaching for Satisfaction (Part 2)

Reaching for satisfaction is the surest way to know that you are on track with the choices in your life.  When you are engaged in anything in your life, ask yourself, “Is this satisfying?” If the answer is yes, then you are doing the right thing for you!

The question can be an on-going tool that you can use as a sort of litmus test for your life.  Like those water trackers that people use to measure readings below the ground, you can use this to continuously see how “hot” or “cold” you are in finding your joy.

In truth, happiness is really the result of a well-developed sense for what pleases you.  Using this sense every day, and making choices that steer you in the direction that feels good to you, this is the hallmark of a high-functioning, happy person.  Everyone is capable of achieving this.  Yet in order to do so, it takes thought.  It takes self-examination, and it takes persistence.  Because most of us are taught differently.  Most of us have been taught to ignore our own internal compass, and that often leads to an under-developed or suppressed sense of what is truly satisfying for us.  To overcome this and regain our own faith and confidence in our own instincts requires time and attention, since the “internal guidance” muscles may have atrophied a bit from lack of use.

I am seeing the value of engaging my own satisfaction litmus test with even the most wondrous ideas on my dream list.  In the past, if I stated an affirmation such as, “I am infinitely wealthy and empowered to accomplish all that I desire,” I might have reacted with skepticism:  “Yeah, right!  Are you kidding me?”  Nowadays, however, although some resistance may come up, I choose to look through that, and find the part of me that resonates with the statement.  All of a sudden, I turn what used to be a frustrating experience into a satisfying one:  “You know, you are right!  I really can accomplish all that I want, and I have so many resources at my disposal, through my creativity, imagination, and generosity, that I really can create prosperity on-goingly.  And as I expand, so will my prosperity.  So I guess it really is unlimited!”  All of a sudden, I have embraced the notion of having infinite wealth without getting stopped by my own internal resistance.

One of the keys I have learned in studying the Law of Attraction is that when you find the positive feeling, it won’t matter to you in that moment whether it has manifested “in reality,” because you already feel like it has.  In other words, when I say “I am infinitely wealthy and I am empowered to accomplish all that I desire,” and when I feel good saying it,  I feel satisfied, as if it has already happened.  Does this make sense?

If you look, I’m sure that you can find times when you had this experience.  So much of what we experience starts in our own minds.  For example, if you have ever looked forward to some event occurring in the future (like a holiday gathering, since we are here in October), you are actually pre-creating that experience in your mind before it has happened.  It is indeed going to be a positive experience because of how you see it.  Even though it hasn’t happened yet, your positive outlook and faith in the positive outcome will make it so.  You do not need “proof” that it is going to be good, because you already know it is.  Make sense?

Reaching for satisfaction is the surest way to connect with your own preferences, your own internal guidance that will never fail you.  Instinct, your “gut,” your intuition, your senses, your feelings, whatever you call it, having a well-developed sense of internal guidance is critical to your overall satisfaction in life.  Because no one else knows what pleases you like you do, and no one else will be able to make the choices that you can make for yourself.

So reach for satisfaction in all that you do.  And believe me, you will not be disappointed 🙂

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