My Daily Blog Meditation

Last night, as I sat down to start writing my blog post, I noticed that I was rather distracted, that my thinking was unclear, and that I was resistant to writing.

Happily, it occurred to me to sit out on the porch, which I did for about 15 minutes. In that time, I got myself calmer just by appreciating the cool, windy evening. At some point I got the sense that sitting out there had done its job, and I came back in to write.

The resulting post was fairly simple. I took a discursive approach, writing down a few thoughts on how I think that we ought to take matters into our own hands when it comes to happiness (!). If that sounds like me, well, it’s true: I have written about this idea a time or two (or two hundred) in one form or another.

It wasn’t a very long post, nor did I spend a lot of time on it. In fact, I was quite eager to get it done. However, it felt true. It felt like it matched what I had to say at that moment; that is, it articulated something that meant something to me, something more than, “I don’t want to blog right now because it’s Sunday night and I want to go watch a movie with my wife!”

In a way, each time I calm down my thoughts to write a blog post, it’s like I do a meditation: get mind clear, open up to inspiration, say something that matters to me (ie is articulate, true, honest, creative, uplifting, inspired, and/or revealing).

Indeed, there are days in which I don’t so much feel like doing this. Yet, like I’ve found with meditation, “showing up” to do it anyway always is worthwhile!

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