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Ten Silver Linings of Pandemic Times

I am a big believer in Appreciation, because I think appreciating things draws more things to appreciate. These days especially, I make it a point to actively appreciate things throughout my day.

Speaking of which, here’s ten “perks”–silver linings, you might say—I am personally noticing during these Pandemic Times:

  1. Gas is cheaper. What may not be good for oil companies–lack of demand, and too much supply–is great for consumers. Two days ago we bought gas for $2.06 per gallon, which here in Sacramento, CA, is amazing!
  2. Nature is more noticeable. Not just the stories we here about the Himalayas or goats frolicking through town, but on our own street, the birds seem more vocal, the wind in the trees more enjoyable. On a run, stroll, or drive, nature is beautiful to behold!
  3. There’s less traffic! I just drove to my mom’s house in Pinole, about 60 miles away. The drive both ways was the quickest drive I have ever had there.
  4. We appreciate the little things! From getting groceries to playing gin rummy with my wife, we are so happy and grateful for moments of enjoyment, and blessings of our life.
  5. Simply living life seems heroic. Whether paying bills, running my business, cleaning our house, I am aware that what used to be routine daily acts now seems like an AWESOME affirmation of SUCCESS and WELL-BEING!
  6. There’s more time for reflection, solitude, and—Netflix! Whether writing, meditating, reading, or watching TV shows and movies, I’m aware of having more time–and more need?– to do relaxing, positive activities.
  7. Positivity is even more important! As I said, I’m a big believer in Appreciation. The same goes for having a positive mindset. I believe it is essential to happiness that one needs to learn to focus on what feels good, no matter what. Now than ever!
  8. Connection with friends and family is even more valued. I have seen more of my relatives–on Zoom–in the last month and a half than in the previous year and a half. I also had my birthday party on zoom, and saw friends from all over. It was a lot of fun.
  9. Help is out there! I really appreciate the government stimulus, and even if I am not using them personally, other efforts to help people right now, such as an extended tax deadline, a moratorium on federal student loan collecting. and lightening up on usual requirements, and low-interest small business loans. These are changes that have been put in place to help us get through. I appreciate that, on behalf of all folks who need it!
  10. Giving and supporting others, especially now, feels really good! Our money counts more than ever to help support those organizations and businesses we care about. We are giving to a non-profit, supporting the local cafe, and even ordering out at restaurants knowing that we are helping them!

Final word: what are you appreciating these days?

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