Thank You, U.S. Government

This morning I woke up to a nice surprise: we got stimulus money, direct-deposited to our checking account. The sweetness of this was multiplied by the fact that yesterday we finished our taxes, AND we paid an estimated payment for 2020. So we already had two tax-related wins on our hands.

Seeing that the stimulus money had been deposited gave me a good feeling of well-being and appreciation for our fair country. I appreciate our government for taking such a bold pre-emptive move to help people financially. I feel blessed that we live in a country that can do that.

Sure, we’re going through a lot right now as a world. Real change is afoot, and the outcome can look uncertain. And yet, this government is pro-actively doing all it can to make sure we are safe (with the lock down) as well as financially-solvent (with the stimulus money)!

I so appreciate this. And I think it bodes well for all of us.

Meanwhile, today’s post is about appreciating the little things in our lives that make a difference.

So if you got stimulus money from the U.S. Government, that is a blessing! There is so much to rejoice at. Heck, if you have food in your pantry, that is a blessing! If you have loved ones in your life, that is a blessing! If you have money in the bank, that is a blessing!

Praise be to the glorious things in life!

And by the way, thank you U.S. Government.

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