We Finished Our Fricking Taxes!

Okay, so today we got our taxes in! Instead of feeling triumphant and awesome, I feel shy and kind of guilty about sharing it. I think I’m worried people will think I’m bragging, or that they will think I’m a nerd for writing about it 🙂 I’m open to ideas from my “Higher Self.”

Chris, we are happy to talk to you! What is it you would like to know?

Um, why do I feel guilty and kind of shy about sharing that we got our taxes done?

Because you are worried that people will disapprove of you thriving. You think it is safer to be quiet and not talk about your own financial well-being because you think that the world is suffering from financial lack and uncertainty and you don’t want people criticizing you.

Right you are! I feel guilty like there’s something wrong with thriving. I mean, I probably normally have some of that going on, lol. But right now, I mean, the government gave people an extra three months to file! I mean, millions of people are out of work right now.

And you are not. And you have your taxes in order. And you are worried that people will call you a “bragger” or that you are “full of yourself.” Which you are. But you don’t want people to THINK that you are!

🙂 Right you are. Shit. ‘Scuse my language. Um yeah, so I feel uncomfortable and guilty because instead of pretending that I am suffering and struggling financially, I actually feel pretty solid, and I also had plans to finish our taxes on time, so I’m really just sticking to the plan, and I don’t know why should I feel guilty about that?

You shouldn’t. You needn’t. You only do because you think other people might be mad at you. And you worry that you would get upset, you don’t want to get criticized or hurt!

Yes. Yes. That is it! Dang it, you’re so clever! Lol. That’s why I wanted to write this. So what is the solution?

Get in touch with why you really want to share this. It’s not so you can brag. It’s… why is it? Why are you sharing that you got your taxes done?

Hmm. Well, I mean… for one thing, I tend to share things that are going on in my life! A few days ago I shared about getting my student loan paid off. Before that, I shared our trip to the grocery store! I need something to write about!

Also, I would feel like a chickenshit if I didn’t write about getting the taxes done. I would know that I was holding back! And that would suck! So I mean, I’m just outting myself because that’s how I tend to do things.

Lastly, um, I mean, because this clearly means something to me, I guess I think it’s possible that other people might appreciate it. Maybe they won’t be hostile or angry or critical of me! Maybe they will be glad I shared. I mean, lots of people have commented on my student loan post and thanked me for sharing! 🙂

Well now you have your real reason. Say it.

I thought it might inspire people. I recognize it takes courage for me to share this, and I thought other people might appreciate that. It’s actually a bit part of what this blog is about.

Thank you for the help.

By the way, we finished our fricking taxes today and it feels fricking awesome!!!

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