Personal Wins Still Matter!

It’s a bit bitter sweet to write about paying off my student loan, given the state of the world. Perhaps it is a bit of shyness, or perhaps it is a bit of guilt (?) over having a financial win in the face of so much financial turmoil.

I know. Guilt is bullshit!

Delete! Delete! Delete!

So on with my post. A year ago I set in motion a plan to pay off my student loan by my birthday this year (April 22nd) (I wrote about it here). I thought it was a fitting birthday present: something that would matter to me, and something quite attainable.

It was pretty simple actually to accomplish. I had been paying the loan off rather leisurely over the past few years while I focused on things like paying off credit card debt, and savings and investing.

All it took was doubling up each month’s loan payment for about ten months or so. Given that I had regularly been setting aside money for investing, savings, or other debt for years, this was pretty easy to do once I made the commitment to follow through.

I choose to celebrate this personal win, because though we may be in the middle of a Pandemic, personal wins still matter!

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  1. Good for you! I know that feeling of satisfaction and relief. So welcome.

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