The Utter Perfection of This Contradiction

Hello! It has been over a month since I have written in this blog. I thought I would comment for a minute on this state of (perceived–at least by me) contradiction from its many angles:

  • This blog, which I posted on daily for over a year, has stopped being a daily or weekly blog… nay, even a regular blog!
  • I tend to want to blog when I’m not working on some big creative project. I have been working on writing a musical so far all year, and I guess that has taken up my creative energy instead. I am okay with that (in fact, thrilled to be working on that project!)
  • I love this blog.
  • I’m okay with taking breaks from blogging, writing in fits and starts.
  • I love having a routine. I loved when I was blogging every day. I love being consistent.
  • Yet I love being happy even more… so I am okay with changing things up if that’s what I need to be happy. That is how I was feeling when I first decided to press pause.
  • Also, I think I have proven my ability to blog regularly!
  • I glory in my lack of foolish consistency (in this case, about blogging… though the original post was about reading).

In other words, it’s all perfect!

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