Day 407: Focusing to Shift One’s Mind State

I have written extensively about the subjects of the Law of Attraction, specifically about getting into alignment. I love this concept greatly, and I think about it quite a lot!

In fact, throughout my day, I pay attention to what is going on in my head and in my mood. I stay on the lookout: am I feeling good? Or is something bugging me, taking me off track?

Here is an example of this process:

  • While going about my day, a notice something “off” in my thinking or feeling. I think to myself…
  • “Okay, Chris’s mind, there is definitely something off here. This doesn’t feel right. What is going on?”
  • I start paying attention to what is going on internally: the mind chatter, my mood. And I ask myself…
  • “How am I feeling?”
  • I allow the answer to come to me. Am I: frustrated, uncomfortable, nervous, worried, bored? Then I say to myself…
  • “Wow. Okay, that makes sense. What do I want to be experiencing instead?”
  • Again, I feel for the answer: “I want to feel secure,” “I want to feel worthy,” “I want to feel capable and powerful,” “I want to feel overjoyed,” “I want to feel abundantly safe.”

Usually I feel a bit better. My mind has shifted, at least a bit. Or at least, I’m present to some mood that is off-kilter, and I can do something about getting back on track.

Often, it can be very effective to go through such a process when writing. I find that penning my thoughts can make it easier to get to the specifics fast. Yet I find that, even if I’m not writing, I can start to get present to what is going on up there, and then start reaching for the feeling I prefer starts to shift.

Abraham-Hicks calls this process “pivoting,” and I have written about it before. I find that the ability to move my focus off what I’m experiencing (when undesired) to what I want instead is totally powerful. Often I can feel the difference instantly.

I love feeling the power of my focus to change my mindstate!

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