Day 391: Give Yourself a Break

We all have ideals and desires. I wrote yesterday about how idealistic I am. Maybe you relate. If you are like me, we have constant awareness of all the wonderful things we would like to become and to accomplish. For instance, I write this blog, and though I get direct benefit from each post I write, without worrying about whether people are reading them or not, I can’t help but think about “what I could do with it.” Am I sharing this with enough people? Shouldn’t I try to leverage this more? I mean, after all, I have a daily blog that I’ve been doing for nearly 400 days in a row. Surely, I could get some publicity and make “more” of this.

Why am I not? What’s the matter with me? Don’t I care about promoting my brand, Me Inc?

All of my business training tells me that I am supposed to be “doing more” with this blog, that I’m supposed to be promoting it, and marketing it, blah blah blah. These are good ideas, and I am confident that when I am ready for them, I will do those things. Yet for awhile now this simple writing and sharing process, with no other expectations imposed on myself, has worked just fine for me. It’s my non-business business plan. An inner voice is screaming at me a little bit as I type this: “What the hell are you doing? Don’t you know you are wasting an opportunity?! You are a stupid *&$#@!”

I’m not wasting an opportunity. I’m taking an opportunity. I’m taking the opportunity to get aligned with my Inner Being, the source of my inspiration to act, the source of all my good ideas, and the source of my success. I am getting into receptive mode. All that efforting and trying so hard wasn’t working… I just ended up shoulding on myself.

This sucked. Grr.

I don’t have to do that anymore. I am working on a new plan. And I’m willing to see it through. Even if on the outside (or according to the voice in my head) it might look like inaction, or neglect. I know differently.

I know that I am on a Divine quest of satisfaction, and everything is working out perfectly!

And so I propose to you the same. Give yourself a break. Stop judging yourself for the things that you think that you “should have done,” or “could be doing.” If these things were in alignment with you, and if you were ready for them, you would be doing them right now. If they are not happening, it is because you are not ready for them.

Don’t worry about it! You are ready for a lot of other cool things, and the sooner you stop being distracted with imaginary shoulds the sooner you free up energy and mental space for the things that can truly light you up right now.

Give yourself a break and stop trying to be a second-rate version of somebody else. Take the time to tune into yourself self, and let the uniqueness that is you develop into its glorious fullness. It will come in time. You may have to be patient. You may have to calm the screaming of your brain telling you that you are crazy and need to get back into line.

Fuck that bullshit.

Listen to yourself. You got time.

Besides, what really could be more important?

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