Day 376: My Continuous Positivity Feed

I find that I continually want to feed my head with positive thoughts. If I’m just taking some “downtime” for myself and don’t have a book, a movie or show to watch, a friend to talk with, or some other activity, I usually have an empowering or inspiring recording on. For last five years or so, this has tended to be Abraham Hicks. Or I want to have an empowering book next to me, so I can open it up and scan its contents. Even when I go out, I have a pdf of such a book on my phone, and I recently I have found myself glancing at it while waiting for a movie or play to start.

What exactly is the drive behind constantly feeding my mind in this way? Well, I think there are several important reasons for this. For one, I have a deep and abiding desire to master my own thinking. If I’m not doing something else, I tend to want to keep moving towards greater mastery on the subject.

The second reason is that I think it keeps me cheerful and optimistic. Left to its own devices, I think my mind tends to go negative. It’s like it’s got a default that tends to worry and focus on mental trash. I’m not going to leave it up to chance. Listening to something inspiring helps me keep focused on possibility and empowerment.

The third reason, and perhaps the most practical, is that I believe in continuous learning. I always feel there is more I can learn about myself, that there are things I can uncover or let go of to make my life better, or to help me think more clearly and bring more joy to my existence. I am enamored of the idea of regularly achieving breakthroughs as I reach for ongoing empowerment.

I used to imagine that I needed some mentor, workshop, or solution outside of myself in order to accomplish this. This backfired again and again, as I imagined I wasn’t capable of being independent of someone else for my own self-actualization. Yet in the past year or two, I have gained confidence that my empowerment is truly in my hands.

In fact, my cafe sessions (which I fondly refer to now as “The Cafe Solution”) have proven to be an incredibly powerful tool for generating positive thoughts, gaining clarity, and keeping my head clear… all by myself. It is incredibly gratifying that I am able to accomplish this on my own through the simple means of setting up shop for a few hours at a cafe. All I need with me is a notebook, a pen, and some inspiring material (whether a recording on a phone or a book).

One point I want to make is that feeding my brain positivity is not just a want. I believe it is a need. Without it, I think I would be a lot more anxious, and probably quite unhappy. It amounts to a sort of mental medication that needs to be administered daily. It also is a sort of mental scrubbing to keep my mind clean and polished, or else cobwebs and dirt can mar the surfaces and besmirch the clarity of my view.

Through administering a continuous positivity feed, I am finding an effective means of keeping myself progressing towards greater happiness.

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