Day 342: The Power of the Nap

I am a big believer in the power of the nap.

I admit feeling a bit self-conscious writing this, as if I’m breaking the number one cardinal rule of “productive” and “worthy” Westerners, who I believe are supposed to rise at sun up and remain moving, expertly accomplishing things until sundown, when they set themselves into their beds, close their eyes, and fall blissfully to sleep, having “earned” the privilege. They then wake up the following day and repeat the process, spending all day long being productive citizens, able to stay focused and empowered all day long, until nighttime comes and they get their earned shut eye, before repeating the same process the following day.

As for me, I like to nap.

There, I said it. I like to nap… in the middle of the day. I admit, I feel as if I am admitting to something which might make me look lazy, feeble, or just plain clueless. Do I not know my obligation as a Western male to continue chopping down figurative trees all day long and then heroically march back into camp, where I feast on fine food, sing the praises of the Gods over a hearty fire, and then sleep in my tent only after (but not before!) the moon has risen and my daily energy is completely extinguished?

What is wrong with me, that I like to snooze? Certain I must be a troubled individual since, as an antidote to a troubled brain, I take a few minutes now and then in the early afternoon to go unconscious and re-set. Is this not proof of my fundamental flaw as a human being, especially as this method is so effective at clearing up my head, and re-energizing me?

Okay, enough nonsense. The fact is, today my head was in some serious need of a reset. I napped for about twenty minutes in the middle of the day and–voila!–like magic, I awoke completely refreshed. I was 100% improved. It was if the internal clock just returned to 0:00, endowing me once again with a clear mind and a happy heart.

My entire life I have, of course, appreciated the benefits of naps. As a child in pre-school, we took midday naps, and I recall generally enjoying them. As an adult seeking a change of mindset from a habitually stressed out mindset, I was re-introduced to the idea of napping (Abraham-Hicks strongly encourages it), and I have used it for numerous years now, to great positive effect.

So I am a big believer in the power of the nap.

I believe I can stop feeling guilty about it now.

Maybe I’ll go chop a tree down.

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2 Thoughts to “Day 342: The Power of the Nap”

  1. Joy Faidley

    So funny Chris — I love it!!!! I’m going to go take a nap right now (and I’m just starting my day!!!) A nap any time of the day is a good thing.

    1. Chris

      I’m glad you liked the post, Joy. Nap’s rock 😉

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