Day 66: Riding the Momentum

So I just posted Episode #13 of the Artist Mindset Podcast. We had a blast with this.  I met up with a comedian and friend of ours Michelle Petro, whom we met at the Sacramento Comedy Spot.  She came over to record an episode of the podcast, and we ended up with so much more: a recorded, improvised song (her and I singing, me playing piano), and the footage for a music video.  That was last Thursday.

Then on Saturday I sat down to look at the footage I had, I seriously wondered if this was even going to work, it seemed so ridiculous to put together a music video on such short notice.  But screw it, I said, I have gotten in the habit of putting things together each week for this podcast, and we had fun when we met up, so I gave myself the green light, and started putting the video together.  The end result made my wife laugh when she saw it, so I figured I was doing something right.

Here’s the episode, with the video in the last 3 minutes (I may post the video on youtube as a standalone, but haven’t so far):

The funny thing is, this is the first music video I have made (I’m pretty sure) since I did the Flower Child video at the beginning of 2015.  I guess the time had come!

It feels good to be hitting a creative stride.  I just keep going for it.  Obviously, this daily blog has helped: the positive benefits of posting each day, rain or shine, have definitely carried over to the Artist Mindset Podcast.   I think they have also carried over to my Instagram game.  I have been posting more on Instagram in the last few months than I can remember EVER posting (this has been helped by the fact that I’m taking a Digital Content Creation class my wife designed and teachers).  My creative content life is blooming.

And I’m not over-thinking it.  For once!  I am just doing it.  I’m not obsessing over marketing, or anything.  I am just shipping, to use Seth Godin’s words from his book “Poke The Box.”  Just ship, just fiddle, just try it out, see what sticks.  That is the entire philosophy of this blog, too.

And in the Artist Mindset Podcast, I’m having fun!  Taking my own ego out of the equation, and making these episodes all about the interaction with my guests. It’s about the conversation, and the creativity we do together.  It’s so fun because, contrary to how I ran my recording artist career in years past, I’m completely enjoying myself and not worrying about the outcome.  I’m just enjoying the moment, enjoying the interaction, and enjoying the creativity.

Hells to the yeah!  This is giving me the fuel that was utterly missing from the sharing component of most of my rapper/singer-songwriter endeavors  (Note: the creation part has always been fun.  It was in the sharing part that I easily got in my head, over thought it, and started worrying about the results.  Incidentally, this has not happened in my piano music… I have enjoyed sharing that with the world, and had satisfying results).

Thank you Universe!  Onward and upward!

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