Day 62: Flower Child!

A few years back, I wrote a song for my wife for her birthday.  The song is called “Flower Child,” and it’s one of many sweet love songs I have written for her (In fact, I put out an album awhile ago completely of love songs called “I Love You”… “Flower Child” was written after this album came out).  “Flower Child” happens to be a rap song  (I have written quite a few rap love songs too).

For the “Flower Child” video, I solicited footage of people dancing and singing the song.  As you will see, I got some spirited submissions, which I edited  together to make this cool video you see below:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

And now, here’s a message from “My Higher Self”:

Chris feels a little conflicted about sharing this video, because of his own mixed feelings about his personal success level as a songwriter and music artist.  He is feeling some disappointment right now about how this song “never went anywhere,” just like “all the other ones.” He blames himself for this, and he feels that he cheated himself somehow, and “did something wrong” in his music career. 

One thing he enjoys so much about this blog is that it tends to be on topics that are easy for him to talk about, around which he feels no pain or resistance.  His musical career, especially his rapping/songwriting side, is not one of these areas.  So putting it up on this blog right now is nearly more painful than enjoyable.

And yet, he shares it.  Partly because of the imperative of having to post a blog, and sometimes when he’s tired, as he is tonight, it seems easier to share something he wrote before.  Yet he did not expect his misgivings to come up in posting about this song.

There is nothing wrong here.  We think it is great that Chris is posting his song here.  He simply needs to work on letting go of attachment, which only made his songwriting/music career process painfully heavy and took the fun away from it.  If he does that, he will have a better time with it 🙂

Okay, thanks for outing me.  Now I feel like a complete fool.  Oh well.

Before I go, here are the lyrics to the song:

Baby You
Got those baby blues
That every day I choose

Never before and never since
Has there been such an itch for this frog to become a prince
Every day I have an urge to stop ribbeting
Drop everything in the bog and don manly things
You give me reason to talk elegantly
You must be the angel that God has sent to me
You’re not a mirage, you’re a Swan Beauty Lady
You’re all beauty, baby, I’m lost in swooning lately
I’ve got a truth to state: I’m completely smitten
You complete me kitten, no reason to keep things hidden,
And so another piece that needs to be written
About how pleasing things betweens us are gettin!
My flowering princess, now you will witness
some powerful business, it comes down to
devotion, emotion deep as
an ocean of bigness, and so I insist this

You’re My Flower Child
Let’s go Dancing Down the Aisle
Cuz Now I Found My Smile
Knowing that You’re Mine
Won’t you be My Valentine
for All Time?
My flower Child!

Verse 2:
Soft and succulent with aromatic fresh-i-ness
Beautifying the world with your blessedness
Honey, you know you give off sweet messages
I am so grateful I get to be next to this
Before you I was a bleak pessimist
You have restored my belief in togetherness
Each day I achieve no less than bliss
My love for you is as deep as forever is,
The queen of tenderness, I mean to engender this,
You strike me with your love, believe me, you never miss
I leap the precipice into your arms and
your charm helps me be at peace, my preciousness
There could be no better Miss,
and a better existence could never exist
how wonderful being together is
Cuz You show me what grace is, nothing replaces how…


You’re a garden of
Tulips! Kiss me with those two lips
Carnations! Save me from starvation
Roses! Make sure she knows this
Dandilions! It’s dandy lyin’ next to you
Lilies! It will be you who heals me
Sunflowers! My shining sun every hour
Marigolds! Cuz I married gold when I married you! (here we go!)

Verse 3:
Powerful beautiful flower I’m moved here to shower you through with an
Hour or two of this ballad of truth
And sweetness and light, you’re the key to my life,
you bring reason to write something elite and refined
You sweeten my mind, and you keep me aligned
You’re the beautiful being of mine! (one more time!)
You’re the beautiful being of mine! (I said!)
You’re the grooviest grape on the vine! (sun shine!)
You’re the choosiest lady in town,
the dame that I choose to be around,
And I’m the groom who gets down on his knees just to see
if he can be next to you, please? At peace at last, here with you weeks’ll pass
I don’t even need to come up for air,
We spend so much time together, show no signs of wear,
Where you are you’ll find me there, it’s time I share…



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