Day 50: How to Lighten Up

Hello there!  It is so nice to speak with you!  I am so glad to be here.

Today, let’s talk about lightness.  Lightness is a state of being light, being open, and not carrying excess baggage or strange, heavy thoughts that weigh you down.

People deserve to be light and happy, to be fully in the present and be available to experience all wonderful things that life has to offer.  This is hard to do when you are burdened with negative thoughts: thoughts of fear, thoughts of judgment, thoughts of anger, thoughts of grief, thoughts of doubt.  Surely, all these experiences are completely natural and normal.  Yet carrying them around for years is unnecessary, and can be detrimental to your well-being.

When you feel thoughts which don’t satisfy you, when you carry around these thoughts, you are practicing cutting yourself off from your joy.  If you are honest with yourself, you can feel this happening.  Being joyful means being light.  It means being creative, open to possibility.  Possibility has a high energy.  It is awake and aware and ready for something good to occur. This is harder to do when you are weighed down.

The key is to start to become aware of how your thoughts are impacting you.  If this is challenging for you, ask yourself, “Why is it so important to carry around thoughts that don’t feel good?  What is it that makes this more noble, a better way to live? Who told you that was so?  How are you sure that they are right?”  Maybe it would feel better to drop those thoughts, and focus instead on different thoughts.

Everyone benefits from the power of focus.  You can focus your attention on anything you like.  When you focus on thoughts that make you feel good, you raise your mood, lift your spirits, and feel better.  Anyone is capable of this at any moment. At the very least, you can change the focus from something that feels bad to something that feels a little bit better.  That little bit of relief is the key to making a difference.  It is enough.

It may not always be possible to instantly become joyful from a negative state.  Yet you can start to move in that direction.  It is possible to “lighten up,” bit by bit, and it’s all done by our focus.  Focus on thoughts that feel lighter, better.  When you do this, you set in motion the power of awareness, which attracts more of what you are focused on.

I know that it can seem hard to accept.  Sometimes we don’t want to use our focusing powers.  It can be tempting to think that others are making us feel bad by focusing on them.  But they are not.  We get to choose our focus.

After many years or many decades of focusing on things which do not feel good, it can be hard to kick the habit, that is for sure!  Yet you have a powerful brain, and it is capable of changing its habits of focus.  It may take time and effort, but with enough of both, you will see a difference.

It is always possible to adopt a new way of thinking.  Especially when the new way is beneficial to your being. It’s about focus, and focus is about choice.  When you choose to focus on thoughts that feel good, you begin to align yourself with manifesting things which correspond with that good.

You do not need to be at the effect of your life.  You do not need to simply react.  Many people live this way.  Many people give up their sense of creation, and instead, go along with “everyone else,” choosing to tell themselves the story that they cannot control how they feel.  By telling this story, they are making it so.  It is still their choice.

Lightening up is another way of saying aligning your thoughts with light.  Love, light, wellness, happiness, joy, freedom, creativity, God.  These are related words.  Move in the direction of these things, and you will benefit.

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