This blog’s first guest blogger: My Higher Self (aka Why I’m Completely Crazy)

Hello. My name is CWiggz!, pronounced See Wigs.  I represent Chris’s higher self.  Or you might say his alter ego.  His inner superhero.  Or maybe I’m an angel spirit looking out for him.  Anyway, for the purposes of this post it doesn’t matter which way you think of me.  I am here because Chris wanted me to be here, to offer my wisdom and services as all-around wise one and spiritual “badass.”  

Now, Chris, you have a few things to say.

 Okay.  I guess so.  Um, uh, well, first of all, this is kind of weird.  I was on a run this morning and the idea to include you in on this post as a sort of guest speaker came to me.  So we’re going with it.  As if people don’t already think I’m a little weird, now you come into the mix just to make me look like a real freak.

As for the name CWiggz!,  personally I prefer the original spelling (with the exclamation point!). That was the name I gave my rapper identity back in 2004, but then I dropped the name in 2012, and occasionally have felt stupid about doing that.  But at then recently I realized that the name certainly at least has hung around, and here he is manifested again.    Let’s see where this goes!

Haha.  I realize you are being somewhat tongue and cheek there.  But I get your humor.  It is a good way to break the ice since you feel a bit uncomfortable about including me in here. 

Uncomfortable?  No way!  After all, who doesn’t want to appear like a schizophrenic?  And why stop at having you on here?  Why not let’s invite all my other imaginary friends while we are at it, the whole dang roundtable of imaginary counselors I created back in 2004:  Edward (after Edward Scissorhands), Bernie (after Leonard Bernstein), Marshall (after Eminem), Merlin (after Merlin the Magician), Curly (after the lead character of the 1950s musical Oklahoma), and Hulk (after the guy of the same name, last name “Hulk,” first name “The Incredible”).  Plus occasional cameos from Bugs Bunny (after the bunny of the same name), Justin (after real-life workshop leader Justin Sterling) and even Elle (after Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, the only female who appeared among this merry band of imaginary counselors).

There you have it!  My entire inner think tank!  Now the world knows how crazy I am!

Actually, you are not  crazy at all.    There is nothing crazy about being able to close your eyes and see pictures, or have conversations with people in your imagination.

So you acknowledge that this is all made up.  It’s all imaginary right?  You are just an example of a creative use of my imagination.

It doesn’t really matter what you think of me as.  The effect is the same.  The things I write will make a difference.

Okay.  I believe that.  I have had you around enough to know that for sure. Like the times over the past month when I would picture you running behind me and talking with me on my jogs.


You would talk to me about things I was thinking through.  It helped give me clarity.

What are friends for?

Uh.  Okay.  But I mean, not everyone is going to get this or think it’s cool.  They might think I’m crazy.  But I’m here to do something with this blog, not just be normal.  That would just suck.

Then I guess we are agreed.

You mean that you should be here?  Uh… I mean, I guess. Let’s go for it and see where it goes.

Willingness is all that matters, to let the process unfold.

Okay then.   But I’m not sure I will want to call you that name forever.  I mean, that’s really my old rap name.  Everytime I see that, I think of something entirely different than a wise and knowing inner voice that shows up to help me out.

 It is not important to me what you call me.  What matters is that I am a presence here, because this is part of what this blog is about.

I thought this was a personal blog where I talk about things like how I became happy and stuff, what matters to me, etc.

Sure.  It is certainly that.  But it is a lot more than that as well.  This blog, and you, Chris, the writer of it, are a here to teach wisdom.

Now you’re freaking me out a little.  I mean, it’s one thing to privately type that stuff, but to write here for all the world to see, I mean, that is another thing entirely.  But… I guess I am willing to give it a whirl.

If you weren’t ready for it, you wouldn’t be publishing this blog.  

Well, let me put it this way.  Something like this post leaves an indelible mark.  If I were looking at this blog and I noticed that there was a conversation between the writer and his “higher self” or whatever you are, I don’t think I would be able to forget that. I would think one of two things:  this guy is a bit nutty (or a lot nutty), or this guy is fricking cool because he’s got a unique voice and way of communicating.  It is certainly brave, but it also risks the possibility of looking REALLY weird.  That scares me.

But I’m still willing to do it.  Because I really don’t think I have anything to lose here.

So welcome aboard, CWiggz / See Wigs !

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4 Thoughts to “This blog’s first guest blogger: My Higher Self (aka Why I’m Completely Crazy)”

  1. Tammie

    “I would think one of two things: this guy is a bit nutty (or a lot nutty), or this guy is fricking cool…”

    I think you’re both and I like you all the more for it 🙂 – T

    1. Chris

      I got a big smile on my face. Thanks, Tammie

  2. If you can’t run with Chris, the next best thing is to get in his head and read this blog.

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