Personal Growth

The North Star of Happiness Beckons

Earlier this year I wrote about my intention not to do things that suck :). My “No More Suckiness” Philosophy resulted from life experiences that really sucked. After all the confusion, lack of clarity, and unhappiness created by not checking in with how things felt for me, the “No More Suckiness” commitment is a comical […]

Home Life

Our Perfect Little Thanksgiving at Home

Since being married, my wife and I have mostly gone to other family members’ houses for Thanksgivings and Christmases. In fact, I’ve always associated the Holidays with big family dinners. The two times we dined alone for the Holidays were last-minute changes where we had to stay home (here’s one of those times*). Though we […]


Rewards Card Update (Yes, I’m Giving Thanks!)

First off, Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’d like to write an update on our rewards credit card, which we got a few years ago. I was a bit cautious about it at the time. After all, prior to this, I had spent many years with high revolving balances on credit cards. I associated having a credit […]

Books Money

The Magical Savings Snowball

As I have written before, I am a big fan of compounding. It excites me to no end to think of the power of money that I have invested growing over time. I’m also very much inspired by stories like Warren Buffett’s, which Alice Schroeder captures so well in her Buffett biography “The Snowball.” In […]

Miscellaneous Shenanigans & Ruminations

What Do I Think?

A couple of times in the past–such is this–I have examined some topics in my life that feel good just to look a bit closer at my attitude about them. I thought I would do that again tonight 🙂 Here’s more look “under the hood,” vibrationally speaking: Covid: Okay, that was unexpected. I thought it […]

Law of Attraction Personal Growth

Eventually Water Always Wins Out

This worked last week, so I’m gonna try it again. Here’s a quote from “The Vortex,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks: A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking–it is only the beliefs that you hold that keep you from the things that you want. The Vortex, p221 Discuss: I have heard Abraham […]


Carving Out My Corner of the World

One thing I love about this blog is that it is my turf. I get to set the rules, I get to choose the subjects, I get to go on about whatever I want to go on about. It’s inherently satisfying, because, to put it perhaps inelegantly, it’s all about me. 🙂 I’m not sure […]

Health & Outdoors

Finding My Groove in an Early-Morning Dream World

Saturday has become my usual day for doing longer runs. Today was no different: I got up at 6:30am to run 10 1/2 miles. It was cold and quiet on the street. As I began, I wasn’t in the best of mental spaces: my head was distracted by concerned thoughts and general malaise, some run-of-the-mill […]

Higher Self Law of Attraction Money

Hey, Mr. Investing Junkie, Lay Off the Rat Poison!

Recently I have spent a lot studying websites like and First, let me say these are fantastic sites. I often find myself enjoying their rich wealth of data about the past returns of various investments, and the historical characteristics of different portfolios. At the same time, it seems that I have crossed the […]

Music Career

Oh, To Enjoy My Songs!

This week has been pretty remarkable, because for the first time in recent memory I have been playing my songs. And enjoying myself. And I’m not just talking about playing the song I happen to be working on. I’ve written about fourteen songs in the past year (eleven of them for a musical I collaborated […]