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“Unique Creative Bliss” (Original Poem)

Songs, and Blogs and Piano compositions, An artist at work on creative revisions, So much expression without asking permission, Just letting myself follow my vision. I write, I create, I refine, I make, I explore the idea just for creativity’s sake I follow the path to see where it goes, Before me the creative river […]

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The Importance of Being Ready

Most of my life I put incredible pressure on myself. I forced myself to step into challenging situations and grow and strive. And I learned a lot from it all, yet ultimately, after all of the striving and struggling and stressing and hoping and shouldering the burden of a thousand expectations, I learned that concentrating […]


Personal Takeaways from Investing in 2020

So here we are, mid October. Somehow the crazy roller coaster ride that has been 2020 is actually approaching its final months. Can you believe it? (Worry not… you will be able to get off soon, I promise!) Investors experienced an equally eventful year in the stock market: a catastrophic-plunge in March that soon melted […]

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Appreciation (Still) Never Gets Old

As we were out all day and I nearly forgot to post this, I will keep it simple. Tonight I shall make a(nother) list of things I am appreciating: How easy (and quick) it is to write a list of appreciation That our trip today was smooth and fun, by and large My burrito! And […]

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Reaching for Satisfaction: Creativity Edition

Since starting up this blog again ten days ago–actually, for several months now–I have been thinking about what, exactly, this blog means to me. More importantly, whether I’m blogging or doing something else creatively, I have been searching for what I want to do next. It may turn out to be blogging specifically. It may […]

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A Fresh Start

In the past few years I have been doing everything I can to get a fresh perspective, to do things that are fun, that are different from the old routines of work and stress, that get me out of the old ruts, the old mental thoughts, the old habits. This blog was a great way […]


Will Let You Know

Well, well, well… here we are. It seems I have found myself writing my blog on a daily basis once again 🙂 Without any fanfare and without specifically addressing it, I started up the personal reflection machine that is mid-month. It has been cool so far. Today I have been looking around on this […]

Shenanigans & Ruminations

The Subjective Reality Conundrum

Generally speaking, we humans think that what we are experiencing each moment is “reality.” As in, “That’s just reality. That’s the way it IS.” But in actuality, our experience each moment is changing, being colored by our mood, by our recent experiences, by our expectations, by our thoughts, and by the stories we tell ourselves […]

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“The Trusty Jog” (Ode to Running)

A few days ago I blogged about how much I am appreciating my runs these days as a mental uplifter to set me up with a good day. Tonight I got poetic on the subject 🙂 “The Trusty Jog” I got caught up in a murky thought But that’s okay, I’m not distraught It’s a […]

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Just Another Mellow Pleasing Day

Today was a pleasant balance of free-time and structured time, me-time and time shared with others. All in all, it had several elements of my ideal Saturday 🙂 Allow me to enumerate: 6am: up and at ’em while still dark out (see featured image above), 10 mile run along the American River Parkway. Bee-you-tee-ful sky, […]