Day 295: Tonight’s Appreciations

Today I think I will write down ten things I’m appreciating… about other people!

Ten Things I’m Appreciating About Others

  1. I appreciate my brother, who ran Bay-to-Breakers with me last weekend. This was his first time doing it.
  2. I appreciate my wife, who recently published her book on Kindle.
  3. I appreciate my friend Erik, who is climbing Mt. Shasta this weekend.
  4. I appreciate my sister, who is writing a play for a Summer Camp she teaches in Utah.
  5. I appreciate my mom, who is working on her next novel.
  6. I appreciate my piano students, who continue to excel and grow their skills and creativity.
  7. I appreciate my buddy Dave for doing good work in his ministry.
  8. I appreciate my childhood teacher Bob for being a great mentor 🙂
  9. I appreciate my first piano teacher, Gail, for showing me kindness and encouragement.
  10. I appreciate my dad for his continuing interest in being musically inspired.

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