Day 294: Netflix’s “How to Get Rich” (I Dig It)

I’m enjoying watching Ramit Sethi’s “How to Get Rich” on Netflix. Back when I was first educating myself on financial matters, I read Ramit’s* book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” I found him interesting, although other authors clicked with me more. At some point I ended up signing up on his email list, and I have been on it for years.

The title “How to Get Rich” may seem a bit glitzy, even crass. But this show is no glamorized spectacle. Ramit is the real deal, a financial expert committed to helping others. In his show, Ramit works with people who are successful in many ways. These people represent a cross-section of the American Dream: they are married with kids, own their own home, or run their own business. Some of them even earn a high income. Yet they struggle to manage their own finances. They also have difficulty communicating about money, especially with their partners. Cashflow issues, overspending, out-of-control credit card use, marital problems, and lack of retirement saving are among the challenges they face.

The show pops a lid off the very real taboo that still exists in this world when it comes to talking about money. Like most people (including me before I educated myself on the subject), the people Ramit works with were never taught the basics of personal finance. In his no-nonsense yet friendly way, Ramit encourages them to face up to their current financial picture in order to improve it, instead of running from it. In practical, step-by-step ways, Ramit helps his clients stop excessive spending patterns, confront their debt, and bring workability back to their lives.

I appreciate this. As I watch, I feel I am truly seeing people transform. By bringing inegrity to their money, these people are creating peace of mind where before was insecurity or even denial.

I dig it. Way to go, Ramit.

*Maybe it is because I have gotten so many email communications from him that I feel comfortable referring to him on a first-name basis. Effective marketing in action? I’d say so!

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