Day 246: No Less than a Hell Yes!

Reflecting on yesterday’s post, it is very interesting to think about why some things we do go so well and are so satisfying, while others just plain suck. It makes sense that things are only truly satisfying when they connect with something inside of us, when they truly matter to us. In this case, we feel an inner Hell Yes. If on the other hand you do something only to please someone else (if it doesn’t also please you), or to avoid their disapproval, you can end up doing thing you don’t really care about or, worse, betraying your own instincts.

When we do things that really satisfy us, it is because they align with our desires, our values, our wishes, and our dreams. As in the example of Esther’s lions, we are satisfied when we are personally involved with the experience, and when we have a genuine desire that is being satisfied.

We can get into trouble when we do something for the wrong reasons, such as these:

How to Make Bad Decisions:

  • trust someone else’s recommendation over your own instincts
  • do something to please someone else (or not to displease them) even when it goes against your inner guidance
  • do something because it worked for you before without checking in with yourself to see where you are now and whether it is still a good idea or a fit.
  • do something because someone implies that you will lose, fail, or be unworthy if you don’t. This is being manipulated.
  • get caught up in someone else’s excitement (especially a salesperson or someone with an agenda to convince you) but neglecting to check in with yourself truthfully before making a decision.
  • do something because someone else did it, and “if they are doing it, you should be doing it,” without checking to see if it’s a good fit for you.
  • do something because “that’s what people do,” not because it has personal meaning to you.

So if you want to be happy with your choices, don’t act for any of these reasons! Instead, act from Joy and Inspiration. Do what is fun for you!

No less than a HELL YES will do!

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