Day 240: Still Infinite

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled “An Infinite Supply of Well-Being.” It was April 1, 2020, and it was my first post of the Pandemic Era. Obviously it had been a trying March for the world, and I felt called to write about the amazing well-being that still exists, even in the most challenging times. I wrote:

It occurred to me that there are two narratives going on here, two very different ways of viewing things. The one you read in the news seems to suggest that the world is in the midst of a global catastrophe that jeopardizes civilization as we know it. The other narrative–the one I see in the sunlight basking down through the trees, or the moon at night, or in the squirrels running along the fence, or even reading a good book, watching a good movie, or hearing an inspirational recording–suggests that an infinite supply of well-being is as available today as it has ever been.

An Infinite Supply of Well-Being, April 1, 2020

In that post I also discussed the white blossoms on the tree outside. I noticed those same blossoms this week, and it reminded me of that time three years ago. In fact, I feel as strongly as I did then about the joy, the love, and the well-being there is in the world for us to experience if we look for it. It is in the blossoms on trees, it is in the squirrels, it is in the sun, and yes, it is in our lives, our friendships, our jobs, and our families.

As the Pandemic began, I was very clear that I wanted to take solace from the signs of well-being around me. Never before have I personally experienced my own power to decide how I wanted to see the world. In the face of global uncertainty, was I going to follow the anxious voices around me?

No. Instead, I looked for well-being. And I saw outside it in the squirrels and the blossoms.

Here we are three years later. I knew we would get through it. I knew the world would continue. And we did.

And the well-being is still infinite.

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