Day 220: The Good Time is What Matters

If you are happy, even in the worst of circumstances, your energy transcends the circumstances. You are then leading the circumstances, generating your own experience. You are truly “in control” of your life because you control your vibration.

Whereas, if you are always looking to circumstances as your cue, deciding your worthiness or lack thereof based on what is happening outside of you, then you are always at the mercy of conditions you can’t control. This leads nowhere good.

I have a friend who is continually hard on himself. No matter what conditions are in his life, he makes himself wrong. He is not living up to who he thinks he should be. From what I see, he constantly tortures himself about how he is falling short of his picture of perfection. He seems doomed to feel bad as long as he judges himself based on unwanted outside circumstances.

I think my friend would be happier if he learned unconditional appreciation for himself. If he decided that, no matter what his circumstances, he would make the best of things, make peace with where he is, he could set the stage to attract better circumstances.

It is only when in a high-flying state that you attract good things, anyway. When you align with Happiness and feeling-good, you begin to allow the Universe to deliver things that will continue feeling good to you.

If you make choices based on what feels good, you will always have a good time. The good time is what matters! Having fun is what matters.

So in order to attract what you want, you need to find a way to have a good time.

As Abraham says, “You can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

So get happy!

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