Day 208: “Blog Host with the Most” (Original Rhyme)

Tonight I decided to write a rhyme about blogging:

“Blog Host with the Most”

So I went whole hog into this here blog
Experimenting like a kid with Lincoln Logs
Writing for its own sake, let's see what I can make,
Let's see how this'll take, Lord knows, I'm no flake

Once I gave my word I was committed
A year of posting, and so I did it!
So quickly the year passed
from the first to the last, I had a blast.

I'd found a means of free expression
Each session was a personal confession
I talked money, and running, and Law of Attraction,
Exploring my personal passions

I spoke honestly and aimed to stay positive,
Upliftment is what I want to give
Life gives lemons? Let me serve lemonade
The Art of Happiness is surely Heaven made

And so my obsession continues to thrill me
Whether it's insightful, serious, or silly
It's still me, Yours Truly in each post
Honored to be your blog host with the most!

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