Day 177: Master of My Fate!

I am continually getting the chance to focus my mind toward the positive. I’m as human as the next guy, and sometimes I really have to work at it to keep a positive frame of mind. For instance, early this afternoon, as I sat at home (at my desk where I’m typing now), I noticed my thoughts were trending sharply negative. Indeed, I was quite annoyed. I won’t go in to why. Suffice it to say I was in thinking about things I found most unpleasant.

Thankfully, instead of wallowing, I had the presence of mind to self-soothe. I got up and found a quiet, relaxing place in the bedroom (ie the bed) and listened to an inspirational recording (ie Abraham-Hicks). There I lay, for several minutes, still worked up, still saying unpleasant things out loud. Happily, the cat lying next to me did not mind. Gradually, my focus softened, my mood calmed and then improved. It took about fifteen minutes for me to laugh out loud, a sure sign of an improved state. Within another fifteen minutes, I felt satisfied that my mind had turned for the better. If not 100% Zen, I was a happier individual.

Therein followed a mostly pleasant afternoon. Sure, it had its bumps: I got upset over some minor matter when we were grocery shopping and noticed my mind coming down unbelievably hard on myself about it. Happily, I paid attention to this reaction, my wife and I had a thoughtful discussion about it afterwards as we drove home. I was glad that I chose to lean towards empowerment instead of giving extra energy to my head’s negativity.

Since then, my mood has been pleasant and upbeat. If my purpose was to steer my mind to the positive, I consider my mission accomplished. Each time I raise my own vibration, I gain faith in how the process worked. I become more likely to steer my own ship in the future. It’s still marvelous to me that my mood is not just a matter of chance or beyond my control, that it is something that I get to determine, or at least to influence.

As I read in a book a long time ago, “I am the captain of my ship, the master of my fate!”

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