Day 173: What I Want This Year

New Year, New Me.

Er, well… let’s see.

For a long while now, I have enjoyed taking stock of the year past in its final days and looking forward to the new one coming. I’ve left a trail of such reflections on this blog:

Going into 2023, I have a strong sense of clarity about what I do and don’t want. This comes from my experience in 2022, which, in addition to the wonderful things on the appreciation list above, had its challenges. Last year taught me to get in touch with myself, to accept myself where I am. It taught me the importance of being in alignment with my plans and actions. And it taught me that sometimes you need to change those plans in order to be happy.

So here’s my list of what I want to focus on and who I want to be in 2023:

What I Want This Year

  • I want to be honest with myself in all my choice-making. I want to make choices that light me up, that inspire me, that are genuine Hell Yeses.
  • I want to let go of old behaviors that come from insecurity, self-doubt, or confusion, especially involving other people. Instead, I want to remain connected to my inner guidance, and to trust the perfection of what I know.
  • I want to focus on things feel good, that satisfy me, that light me up and inspire me.
  • I want to remain open, to allow my experience to unfold, to suggest new directions for me, to inspire me to act.
  • I want to clear up old negative thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve me. I want to listen to my preferences and be guided by JOY.
  • I want to meet other creative people that I can collaborate professionally with in satisfying, inspiring, and mutually-beneficial ways.
  • I want to enjoy each day. I want to have a great time!

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