Day 165: Thoughts On Looking Forward

I have been reminded again and again recently of the importance of looking forward. I want to be a master of manifesting what I want in life. What I hear again and again from Abraham-Hicks is that you cannot manifest what you want if you are too focused on what you already got. If you want to create something new, magical, exciting, life-changing in your life, it is so important to look forward, to be focused on what you want to create, instead of looking back into the past.

The funny thing is, even the present that you have can get in the way of you manifesting what you want. If you want something new, you want to daydream, imagine, feel for that experience you want to attract. Our present is really a result of our past behaviors, thoughts, and circumstances. So from a manifesting standpoint, the present is, well, really in the past. Because it is already manifest-ed. Got it? Whereas, the future you want, that will take shape if you allow what you want through your focus on what you are now wanting to create.

Personally, I have been thinking a lot about my recent marathon training experience. It has been quite tempting to look back at where I was a year ago after CIM 2021, and “search for answers.” I have repeatedly caught myself poking through the remains of the elephant graveyard of the past. Then I have stopped myself, and said, “Instead of looking back at a past you can’t change, what do you want instead?”

This gets me looking forward :). My answer is that I want to enjoy myself, I want to feel good, I want to find a great balance in my life between athleticism and other things I love to do. My experiences have made me clearer than ever about the importance of healing and finding a new equilibrium. I’m looking forward now, and I am happy about what I see.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my present and appreciative of my life.

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