Day 158: Empowered Thinking In Action

One thing I have been doing as much as possible recently is consciously leaning my focus in a positive direction, especially when my thoughts don’t feel so good, or where an unwanted experience is before me. I keep asking myself the questions I have learned from Abraham: “Does this thought satisfy me?” and “What do I want right now?”

This morning I was a bit bummed about my current state of athleticism and exercise. On the advice of the sports chiropractor I am working with, I haven’t run at all in December–ee gads! This is my longest running break since January 2020. It is helping my body to heal from an overuse injury. It is also giving me the chance to pause from the intense running regime I have had since 2020. I am actually glad to think about what I most want next and reach for a new equilibrium.

That being said, I still woke up this morning feeling bummed about the situation. It’s uncertain and strange. I’m not used to not running. Swimming is going well, but it is so new to me, I’m still getting used to it. Last week I got in several hours of exercise, including walking, yet it’s bizarre not tracking at least 20+ miles of running in a week.

So there I was this morning, feeling bummed. I asked myself, “What do I want?” And I thought, I want to feel good. I want to feel safe. I want to feel healthy. I want to enjoy myself. And I thought about it, and I meditated on it a bit. I pictured myself feeling good.

And a thought came to me: I want to watch a movie! So I brought Netflix on my phone and put on “Rumor Has It.” I laughed out loud the moment I started watching it, sitting at the dining table with headphones on and my wife across from me. I instantly knew that I had made a good decision. In fact, it was the perfect distraction to clear my mind, and indeed, the rest of the day unfolded nicely.

What I appreciate about this, other than that it felt good, is that I gave myself the solution to re-direct my mind, change my mood, and basically, make my day better! This is empowered thinking in action. It doesn’t have to be a revolutionary act. It can simply be focusing on something that shifts your mood for the better.

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