Day 144: My 4-Million View Video

So my Charlie Chaplin video has reached 4 million views.

The magical fireworks were from May through July, where I got tens of thousands of views on an average day, and as many as one hundred thousand. The views started to drop in August, and recently they have been a trickle compared to the previous flood.

No matter. This has been a great experience. It is an affirmation of “If you build it, they will come.” It might take four years from when you first post, but they will come! This “Youtube victory,” as I have called it, has been a great inspiration for me to continue creating and posting. In fact, I credit it with ultimately inspiring me to do my daily composing, which I have done for nearly six months, during which I have written about 130 pieces. Meanwhile, I have blogged for 144 days straight (including today). I am pleased as punch with the creative productivity during this period,

2022 can basically be reduced for me to these three words: Run. Create. Contemplate. I’ve done a lot of all three, but the “create” part has truly been astounding, especially in the area of composing. And I have the Chaplin video partly to thank for that.

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