Day 138: Shifting My Focus To Transform My Experience

Okay, so I am shifting my focus to transform an unwanted experience into something joyful! 🙂 Here are my notes on the subject:

What is the opportunity here? To go unconditional. To appreciate what is good. To trust. To intend. To focus on what I want! To focus on a calm mind. To appreciate what is going well.

Yes, Chris, we agree, and we would add that you are on a joyous journey and nothing has gone wrong! We think you are still beating yourself up a bit and we don’t recommend it at all!

Thank you! I am working on that! I am working on letting that go! I want to appreciate what is going well. I want to appreciate what I love.

What I appreciate about this situation:

  • It’s an opportunity to be kind to myself.
  • It’s an opportunity to reach for ease, for well-being.
  • It’s an opportunity to trust, to let go, and to have faith that all is well.

I wish to feel good. I love feeling peace. I love feeling ease. I love feeling joy. I love knowing that all is well. I love feeling appreciative I wish to be aligned. aligned with source energy. trusting. There is doubt in me. that is not so good. I am where I am. I accept myself. I love myself. I love who I am. I love where i am. I love life. I love feeling. I love being alive. I love being alive.

This is a condition. It is a temporary, unwanted condition. And I wish to focus on what I want iNSTEAD. Yeah, I wish to pivot to what is wanted. I wish to appreciate, to bask, to revel, to enjoy what is working, to enjoy what feels good! I wish to accept where I am and make the best of it. I wish to have positive, hopeful, joyful attitude 🙂

Yes, Chris. You see, your view has been colored by pessimism, by beating yourself up, by making yourself wrong, and so you feel bad, and you are pre-occupied with doubt and frustration and it doesn’t feel good. And what is it you want?

I want to feel good. I want to pivot to what is wanted instead. I want to let go of being fixated on what I don’t want! that is not fun. I want freedom. I want to focus instead on what I do want! I wish to feel good, strong, healthy, joyful, powerful, positive! Joyful and strong and happy and alive! 🙂 Yee haw!!

This is great, Chris! how does this feel?

It feels rad. I love it. It feels real. It has a hold on me. I like it.

And that is how you know you’re aligned with something.

Wow, well I like it. and I know what you mean! That is so cool.

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