Day 132: A Perfect Match

Is I type this, I am listening to a playlist on Apple Music of my compositions. I create my compositions on a computer program called Logic. Since the beginning of June, I have created about 120 of them.

I take it as a good sign that I love listening to my own music. As I listen, thoughts like these go through my head: “Wow, this is cool… or “this is so beautiful” or “what will the next one sound like?” My mood is appreciative, enthused, curious, happy, peaceful.


That most of all stands out for me. How light-hearted the whole process is for me. There’s no worry or stress, it’s just joyful.

Chris, that is because it is a perfect match for you. It matches completely with your desires and interests and personality and goals 🙂

Yes, that’s what it seems like. Easy-peasy..

Part of it is that I am always looking for alignment. I’m looking for things that bring me Joy and Satisfaction.

Composition completely qualifies.

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