Day 124: Stay Open-Hearted

I recently went through an uncomfortable experience where someone thought negative things about me, and as a result a situation I was in went totally awry. Things did not work out how I had planned, nor did the people have a good impression of me afterwards. This was very challenging for me: I do not like the thought of other people thinking badly of me! It was a genuine misunderstanding, but there wasn’t much I could do in this case to clean up the situation or change the outcome.

What I could do, what I knew to do, was focus on my own thinking. My immediate reaction was to get angry and frustrated, but I knew that wouldn’t work. There was also a temptation to judge myself, which I also knew wouldn’t work!

So I did my best clear my mind, practice appreciation and take what benefit I could from the situation. I also did my best to send the people involved positive thoughts from afar. Even if I couldn’t interact with them directly, I could at least put myself in a positive head space. Over the next few weeks, I saw the value of staying open-hearted, where I would have withdrawn or been guarded in the past. Not this time. I saw this as an opportunity to practice what I write about on this blog: choosing unconditional well-being and appreciation, and knowing that all is well.

Great job, Chris! And so, how do you feel about the situation now?

Much calmer. I feel more at peace. I was pretty riled up for a little while. I am glad that I am choosing to let go of negativity.

There’s just no point in holding on to it.

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