Day 112: Follow the Joy!

Today I spent half the day volunteering for the Iron Man triathlon in Sacramento. I was at the aid station for runners at about mile 21 of the marathon portion (the third part of the swim/bike/run event). The folks I hung with are all runners, so I had a nice time talking “shop” with them. Our table served a choice of Coke or Red Bull to Ironman participants. Coke was far and away the favored drink.

I didn’t know I would enjoy myself so much. I usually think I prefer to be participating in the events I attend. Yet it was great to contribute in some small way to the success of these Ironman triathletes. It was also fun to socialize with others, including a friend of mine from last year’s running group.

I really enjoy the vibe of an event like that. It’s so positive.

That’s because you love seeing souls expanding, Chris. The positivity inherent that feels good to you. And why shouldn’t it? It’s a high vibration.

Okay, yes. I mean, I like watching people learn things too. Or create. Yet what is it about a running event that is so joyous for me?

It’s just that. It’s joyous for you. Follow the joy! You feel the joy? Follow it! Why do you like a candy bar? Does it matter? Why not just enjoy it?

Lol. Yeah, okay, so that’s what happened today. I had the vibrational equivalent of a candy bar and I really enjoyed it. Or more accurately, it was like I went to a really cool party and I just fit right in and felt like I could stay all day and night.

And why didn’t you?

Um… well… I mean, it’s a Sunday. And I had this blog to do. And I just… didn’t really feel like…

Like you should have that much fun?

Haha. Well, maybe… a bit. But I did stay 2 1/2 hours longer than I originally said I would. And it’s okay to have left. Maybe next time I will plan on just staying. Who knows. I enjoy it. That matters.

Yes, well follow the joy. We would encourage you to do as much as possible of what you most love 🙂

I like that!

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