Day 101: Why Hang Onto Beliefs That Suck?

Alrighty, so here I am. Open to another conversation with my “Higher Self.”

Fun fact: I actually do these “talks” all the time in my journalling. It’s just how I’ve ended up structuring how I think through things. I’ll be writing some thoughts, and suddenly I’ll have an impulse to write in “another voice,” which feels lighter and clearly wise and loving. Like is happening right this second:

Yes, Chris! Just like this! Because we love talking to you, “through” you. We love to shine and we love to enjoy life, and we love to emanate our thoughts. And you let us in and we are “Source,” or “Infinite Intelligence” 🙂

Yes, and I keep having this image right now of trees and of nature.

Yes, because that is what we are, too. And like Nature, we are made of infinite unconditional love! Which you humans rarely achieve in any significant manner.

Ha! Yeah, seems so. Why is that?

Why do you think? Why would a race of beings that come from a Source that is Infinite, Eternal, and All-Loving decide that, instead of being that, it will be vengeful, afraid, concerned, worried, and unhappy? What’s up with that?

Um, well, I can’t speak for all of humanity, haha, but I think it’s just this way that our society evolved. We have these strong protective instincts, our “survival brain,” and that plus our intellectual abilities has sometimes combined to create some rather goofy conclusions about life. Which we keep repeating over and over, and therefore people believe in scarcity and in fearful things. Is that it?

Maybe. Maybe kinda sorta. There’s truth to what you are saying, yet the bigger question is, why do more of you not seek to feel GOOD? Why do you listen to things that feel awful? What value do you get out of the lack, the drama, the unhappiness?

Yeah, I’m not really sure. But I do think that people get “set” in their ways. They get invested in being right. That is a very common issue. Long ago I heard the question, “Would you rather be right or happy?” Personally, I try to lean towards happy! Quite often it has meant I had to give up being right.

Yes, it’s an interesting thing, this “right” thing. What is right? And what is it that makes you, any of you, feel qualified in being “right”? What are your credentials? Did you create the world? Did you invent society? Did you invent money? Did you invent social customs based on Universal principles? Did you spin the Earth in its orbit? Did you invent gravity? What makes you think your conclusions are right? Do you have any experience at all in seeing how the world really works, or… ? Or…?

Are we just believing our own bull, and then experiencing our own beliefs as if they are real?

Yes. Well, what we wanted to say is, are your beliefs coming from a vibration that created the world, that created humans, that created life, or is it from a lower vibration? We know you know the answer.

Well, yes. Obviously most of people’s beliefs, those that don’t serve them, are from a lower vibration of fear. And no, that doesn’t seem consistent with a higher vibration, like what creates the world.

We think it is interesting that you as a species remain committed to beliefs that clearly come from fear and scarcity. Do you think the principle that makes a peach grow comes from fear?

Probably not! I think that people get attached to their beliefs. I do too, sometimes to my own detriment. And your life experience won’t deviate that much from what you belief. That’s what I keep hearing.

Yes, this is true.

I think that people as a whole probably would rather be right, hold onto their beliefs, because they are comfortable with them, and “misery loves company” and all, and they just keep their reality, even if it sucks.

Yes, we laugh when you say it, because we like the levity of the word “sucks.” It does suck! Yet there’s nothing wrong with that either. We just find it… odd. Why would you want to hang onto beliefs that suck?

You got me. We humans be strange.

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