Day 96: Who Knew Writing Could Be So Easy?

Well, hello! Today Chris agreed, rather begrudgingly, to us writing this post. He told a friend how much quicker he “wrote” this post than other posts, and for that reason, if for no other, he likes the idea of giving it another try [laughter]. We are laughing at that because we think it’s funny that Chris sees this method, the “Divine intelligence speaks” method of writing a blog post, as a time-saver more than anything.

It’s not that I see it as a time saver more than anything. Um, it’s true, maybe I feel like when I write the post the normal way, it is more “legit” or something… er, because it’s more work, probably.

Yes, we can feel your reluctance to admit the truth. That you feel that a post that is “harder” is more valuable. Isn’t that funny! The rarer, harder, more difficult something is the more it is perceived as valuable. And if it’s effortless, easy, joyful, inevitable it is what… chop liver?

Haha, very funny. Yeah I’m not really sure. Apparently it’s a value I was raised with.

You and all the rest. It’s really funny to see how hard you work, how much you feel that you need to justify your existence with “sacrifice” and “hard work” and “commitment” and “dedication” and “work, work, work!” Yet some of the most beautiful, inspiring, soul-satisfying things are easy! They are delicious and fun and effortless! Isn’t that interesting? Don’t you see that? Why do you think you are so attached to “work, work, always work?”

Because I was taught that. Because that’s how everyone in this place called Earth seem to operate. I’m not excusing it, yet it does seem to be a predominant pattern.

Yes, perhaps. Along with the patterns of stress, unhappiness, and misery. Those are predominant patterns on your planet, too. And we do not recommend any of them πŸ™‚

Good point. Well, obviously I am open to this other way of writing a blog post, because here we are πŸ™‚

Yes, we appreciate your willingness to let this through. Even if it’s “weird,” to be effortless, and easy-going, and joyful, and in your receptive mode where things come to you joyfully and happily. Who knew writing could be so easy?

I think you are poking fun at me.

Yes, just a little :). Yet it is alright, you are doing so swell.

I assumed you meant “well” but then I figured you’d want me to leave that word as “swell.”

We are delighted that you did. But either way would work swell πŸ™‚

Now that time you definitely meant it!

I appreciate this talk. It does help me out today to get this blog post done a bit quicker. And the principle behind it is also nice. Things can be easy, things can be effortless. That is how I am experiencing my composing. Actually, that’s how I experience my teaching too πŸ™‚

Yes, and your running πŸ™‚

Oh yes! I love running!

So you really are a master of effortlessness… except when you are not.

Touche. You are right. But that’s okay, because I am where I am!

Indeed you are! And now you’ve just completed a blog post with very little effort. Congratulations!

Thank you! Did I really? Holy moly!

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